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We are relevant storytellers, dogged pitch people, unabashed drum beaters, and initiators of ad hoc networks of humans who work in the Outdoor Industry.The Brands we work with have been featured in all of the magazines, carved into pine trees, plunged over waterfalls, photographed at the summit, hiked the trail, perked your back-country coffee, stoked your campfire. And that's just some of the territory we've covered.

You look important.  I think we should know you!

Krissie Mason – Scratch+Holler

Who We Are

Scratch+Holler is a hybrid Public Relations and Content Creation & Marketing Firm based in historic St. Paul, MN.

We work everyday to help lifestyle brands find voices that tell compelling lifestyle narratives. We do this through simple match making. No stale, or moldy algorithms here. We were never good in math, anyway. We align brands with influential and authentic, (as in real), people living relevant lifestyles and producing high quality content documenting their experiences.

We also are seers of opportunity. We connect people to one another and cross-pollinate brands in the new Content Economy.

We achieve success by subscribing to the Dandelion Mind philosophy; spread seeds unceasingly, keep initiating, keep creating, keep connecting, keep filling every crack and crevasse with ideas. Be passionate, provocative, prolific, and relentless.

Write it down. Shout it out.

Some Fun Facts

Each completed project makes us even more hungry. Hungry to keep rolling, keep moving forward, keep playing in the outdoors, keep making things happen, keep connecting dots, and keep making maps so we earn your trust to engage. [Also, we like to eat more deep fried cheese curds and drink more local craft beer!] As a result, we commit, we make things happen, we leap. We say, GO!


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