Ready To Hit The Road

Ready To Hit The Road

by Krissie Mason

It’ 3:58 am. The chirping cricket alarm will go off in two minutes. I can hear my brother, Randy, lightly snoring on the couch. The thermostat just kicked in to take the chill off the Minnesota morning. I’ll microwave yesterday’s coffee, roll out of bed in sweats from my college alma mater, Concordia, and throw on my favorite hat. Read more


by Krissie Mason


Venison Heart Bruschetta Ingredients


The thing about hunter harvested venison backstrap is that it tastes amazing when it’s fresh, and when it’s cooked right. Right? Organ meats, on the other hand, have gotten a bad wrap in the past, and are the most often discarded parts of the animal. I got to admit, I’m not a big fan of organ meats. I wasn’t raised eating them, and I don’t have an unabashedly courageous palate, but with combo Master Chefs and Outdoorsmen like Andrew Zimmern, Ben Ford, Hank Shaw, and Toufik Halimi, all promoting the filet mignon like succulence of charred rare venison heart, I hiked up my britches and decided I had to give it go.

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With Winter 2015 Outdoor Retailer Show just around the corner my email box starts getting flooded with press releases from every imaginable manufacturer in the outdoor space. OR is the Holy Grail for outdoor enthusiasts. If you want to make a go of it as a manufacturer of anything in the outdoor sandbox you have GOT to be there. It’s where things get discovered, new products are announced, and seasoned vendors unveil the Next & Best.

Today I rec’vd a press release from a new company that will be at OR for the first time.  They have created a self-contained, all-wood, single-use charcoal grill. It’s called a “Burnie” and you can bet this thing is going to go viral. It’s one of those, “That’s so kewl! Why didn’t I think of that!” kind of things.



 “Burnie’s ingenious construction is borrowed from the ancient Nordic technique for burning wood stumps. This method has been used for centuries, unleashing powerful, portable fire that lights with one match, and ignites evenly and burns for hours.”

-Meghan van Joosten, BurnieGrill.com

Talk about EASY to impart the natural smokiness of Alder wood into marshmallows, kebabs, fresh salmon, or simply have a portable little campfire for a small Metro Jack & Jane urban get-together!


The Burnie comes in two sizes.  A large retails for 14.95 and a medium will set you back about the price of two Starbucks Venti Green Tea Creme Frappacinos.

Yeah, this thing is pretty much going to tear it up out there.

For more info and to get your inner Viking on, go here: Burnie Grill

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