January 7, 2015 Krissie Mason



As a person chipping out a modest living in the outdoor industry, (but also a student of architecture, urban planning, and preservation), I wonder about how to thoughtfully intersect development with the conservation of lands and waterways.

Like so many, I am an outdoor enthusiast. I enjoy paddling, camping, field-to-table food experiences, and the expansive and spectacular vistas one enjoys when reverently engaging as a wonder-filled participant in our earths’ natural resources.

“Don’t we all want to be immersed in the outdoors? When our vacation days are spent and it’s time to head back to civilization, at the very least don’t we long to be close to it in order to feel alive? To feel authentic? To feel inspired?”

We set stones from the lakeshore, whittled sticks, pinecones, antler sheds, and spent casings on our desks to serve as talismans and remembrances. We would love to live in a home with uninhabited, sweeping 360 degree views of mountains, wildlife, and endless prairies that run wildly to where the sun rises and sets. Yet in doing so we fear the potentiality of threatening the very breath of wilderness to which we feel so connected.

But development and conservation doesn’t always  have to be an either/or choice.

To learn more visit ENSIA:

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