by Krissie Mason

Purple-Hollywood- Schwinn-Wild-Boar-Krissie-Mason

I wanted to be a Townie like my friend, Carol.

Carol could cruise the city pavement on a skinny-wheeled ten speed, or her gas powered moped bought with the money earned delivering papers on her paper route. She could bike up to the Ben Franklin Store and ponder the glorious candy aisle on a sunny Saturday morning, or motor to the Dairy Queen for a cool cone.

“But I grew up on a farm off gravel roads, relegated to a 1972 one-speed purple Hollywood Schwinn bike with fat tires, acres of grass to cut, and row upon row of garden to hoe.”

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized the farm, the bike, and the chores would be key in my development, and in fostering a love and appreciation for the outdoors. Nor did I have an inkling I was learning impulse control, delayed gratification, and a dogged work ethic that would carry me to a wild boar hunt in Texas 39 years later. 

It’s been a bit daunting preparing for the hunt, but I’m certainly up for it. What gun? What gear? What location? It has given me pause to me to think about my value system as it relates to guns, hunting, and politics. I’ve had to examine my own convictions and find a place where hunting and killing might be able to fit into my belief system.

For more on my pre-hunt reflections, please watch the raw, un-editied video below…make-up free and exhausted! You can also catch my progress on OutdoorLife.com




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